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If you think every woman wants the bad boy like most Hollywood films, that is not always the case. There is one woman out there for every type of guy, including the shy guys. Some women love the quiet sweet intentions of the unassuming shy guy.

However for those of you shy guys that need some tips about how to start a new romance, this blog is for you because the rumor is not true. Shy guys get love too.



First things first, tell the person you like them. Keeping a person in the dark doesn’t guarantee you anything but loneliness. This shows that you have confidence.  Remember women may be a lot of things but they are not mind readers and they like a guy to show interest.

Secondly, let your inner flirt come out. If you never share how you feel, you might never find out that she might like you too. You ever heard of a poker face, well here is your chance, to practice yours before you next poker game.

The third tip is paid things in common that you both might like to do. This will help make you feel less tense when you can focus on a common interest. Take food for instance, if you can find a place to eat with live music and a fun atmosphere that can take the focus off the daunting task of getting to know the women sitting next to you.

The fourth and final tip is, don’t be scared and just have fun. Women are human just like men. Put your best foot forward and in the end either you have win or loose but you will know the outcome.

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