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Luv2Born out of need, chiseled out of Love, LuvSicc was created to give us all a chance for companionship, friendship, and expand our Vibe Connections. You are never alone no matter the disability, suffering, isolation of your life, limitations or whether you are ill or healthy, physically or mentally impaired, or as simple as having a lonely or broken 'Heart', LuvSicc helps you to engage with others who can relate and want to support and identitfy with you . LuvSicc is a place where you can be unapologetically you...You get to be vulnerable and embrace your insecurities and no one can judge you because we are all facing some sort of adversities. "Live your truth and no nobody can ever use it against you." 

We are a platform that provides you with the tools you need to meet and engage friendships, companionship, love connections and  other causes that matter most to you because LuvSIcc makes it super cool to give love and support.

LuvSicc knows that providing a social connection portal requires a holistic approach. This holistic approach entails respect for the individual, and adhering to the highest on-line privacy standards possible. both inside and outside of the LuvSicc Platform. Utilizing web and app technology, use the Luv Doctor to search or connect to similar and or sympathetic 'Vibers' like yours (Vibe Circles). We are a social platform to stay connected, plus we update to sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and Gmail, etc., to remain active and engaged (if so desired).

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