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Member Guidelines

How do I create a good profile?

The key to a good profile is information. We recommend you include as much information as you can about yourself and your perfect match. You might like to talk about the following points:
  • Appearance
  • Your Health Status (can be turned off)
  • Whhat You are Looking For
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Location
  • Personality
  • Religion
  • Job
  • Plans for the future (all Profile Parameters Can Be Turned Off)
Please do not include your contact information or messages to other members in your profile. Please also ensure you read our Terms of Use before you create your profile.

If you are ready to start finding Your Heart Connections, click here.

Photo Management

  • How do I create a good photo?

Adding a photo to your profile is a great way to increase interest in you. First, your photo must meet our basic photo requirements:

  • Your face must be able to be seen clearly
  • You must be in the photo
  • The photo must be less than 10MB in size
  • The photo must meet our minimum size requirements
  • The photo must be in .jpg, .bmp, .gif, or .png format
  • The photo must not be obscene or offensive
  • The photo must not contain contact information

After meeting our basic requirements, there are other steps you can take to ensure your photo works for you. Here are some tips for creating a great photo:

  • The photo should be high quality
  • The photo should be close up
  • The photo should not be dark or blurry
  • It’s better if your photo is taken with a digital camera, rather than a webcam or scanned
  • It’s better if you get a friend to take a photo of you, rather than using a mirror
  • Your photo should not be artificially enhanced or decorated
  • A photo showing you doing something you love or visiting somewhere interesting is a great conversation starter

Please click here to add a photo to your profile.


  • How do I add a photo to my profile?

We offer many different options for you to add a photo to your profile. You can access your Photo Management page by clicking here, or by choosing "Photos" from the Edit Profile menu on your member home page.

From your Photo Management page, you can add a photo directly from your computer, or copy photos from your Facebook account. If these options aren't suitable for you, you can click the "Can't upload photos? Try these alternatives »" link to view your additional options.

  • What is the photo approval process?

Photos are reviewed by us to ensure they comply with our photo requirements, for example, your face can be seen clearly and your photo is not offensive. This process is usually completed within 24 to 48 hours.

  • How do I change the order of my photos?
  • How do I hide or display my photo?
  • I can't see the new version of my photo

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