Where you can be unapologetically you!


Born out of need, chiseled out of Love, LuvSicc was created to give us all a chance for companionship, friendship, and expand our Heart Circles. You are never alone no matter the disability, suffering, isolation of your life, whether you're Ill or healthy, physically or mentally impaired, or as simple as having a lonely or broken 'Heart', LuvSicc helps you to engage with others who can care and want to care and identitfy with you . We are a platform that provides you with the tools you need to meet and engage friendships, connections and causes that matter most to you.

LuvSicc knows that providing a social connection portal requires a holistic approach. This holistic approach entails respect for the individual, and adhering to the highest on-line privacy standards possible. both inside and outside of the LuvSicc Platform. Utilizing web and app technology, use the Luv Doctor to search or connect to similar and or sympathetic 'Hearts' like yours (Heart Circles). We are a social platform to stay connected, plus we update to sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and Gmail, etc., to remain active and engaged (if so desired).


Shawn's Story

  My name is Shawn and I am 32 years old with a hearing impairment. I use LuvSicc to relate to other people with common interests.  Whether it is dating or building a social network, I have found some cool like-minded people.  ...

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Miguel's Story

My name is Miguel and I am a victim of a gun shot wound which paralyzed me from the waste down.  I use LuvSicc so i can have someone to relate to my experiences and get where I am coming from.  It is more of a mental thing since people don’t know what I am going through until they walk i...

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Cynthia's Story

My name is Cynthia and I have a chronic illness. Dating is very challenging and trying to make friends is very difficult because of the chronic pain that causes limitations in finding happiness and fulfilling life.  However, I am determined to see happiness and go out and mingle with people a...

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Hillard's Story

Hello, my name is Hillard, just because you have a disability, doesn’t mean you have to stop living.  Go ahead and live your life and make the best of it.   This article was created with a wysiwyg editor Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mihi vero, inquit, place...

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How We Met

The Beginning  We met on luvsicc six months ago under the P.O.C. ( People of Conciousness) network.     SuSu and Derek has found luv and met many friends on LuvSicc SuSu List example line 1 Example 2 of a list item 3rd list item list item #4...

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