The Remembrance Registry

The Chicago Remembrance Registry


The second major reason for this Chrono event is to raise funds to help launch the Chicago Remembrance Registry. The Remembrance Registry is an interactive online repository where surviving family members of murdered victims in Chicago can easily upload their pictures, bios, history, videos, and social media page links (Facebook, YouTube etc.)  

The directory will be a user friendly, easy to navigate, and fully searchable. Family members and friends will be able to leave comments, messages and testimonials about their loved ones. This Remembrance Registry will be a permanent destination point for gun violence victims surviving families in the Chicagoland area.

All too often the media ignores the name of the victim that was gunned down and simply focuses on the crime aspect. For practically each one of the almost 800 Chicago murders in 2016, there are no associated faces or names reported on the news.

It seems these days the only time names and faces are acknowledge in the media is when the victim was shot by the police. Meanwhile the media routinely ignores the name of the victim leaving the surviving family all alone in their grief with no community support.  As a result, onlookers become numb to the news of another innocent bystanders being shot and killed in Chicago neighborhoods. This happens every day, at least twice a day on average.

The steady stream of faceless and nameless murder victims reported on the evening news soon morphs into background noise. The average citizen is no longer shocked, it becomes regular news for everyday Chicagoans. Well that should not be the case, and never ever the norm.

The challenge is to attach a face and a name to all the many murdered victims. So while the media is forced to move on to report the next crime The Chicago Remembrance Registry is here to provide support and a permanent outlet for grieving family members to tell their story about their loved ones in the way they would want to be remembered. The Registry will provide a compassionate outlet and place for proper recognition of gun violence victims and their surviving families.

How it works…

The Chicago Remembrance Registry works by allowing surviving families to upload information about their loved one to the online registry ( Every family is also given the option to request a crew to come out to interview them. At least 2 staff people will travel to the home of the family, interview and train the family on how to make use of the Remembrance Registry.  This Registry will also provide new permanent media jobs and intern opportunities for students seeking to gain real world experience in the media fields.

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